Morris Boot ®

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The Morris Boot Morris Technologies Ankle Foot Ice Pack
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Morris Boot ®

The "Morris Boot" provides a superior enclosure for warm water or ice and eliminates the mess associated with heating or icing injuries while enabling portability and mobility.

• Helps Avoid Skin Contact
• No Shoe Removal Neccessary
• No Mess
• Re-usable - Multiple Uses Over Time
• Heating or Icing Uses
• The Morris Difference: No Tubes or Wires Required



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Get both the Morris Boot ® & Morris Wing ® in a combo package!

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Coach's home, in the clinic, on the field.

Getting you living.

New, unique and backed by decades of athletic experience...

Often times the best solutions are the simplest and most enduring. This is true of many of the tools used by athletic trainers including Q-Tips, tape, gauze and slings. The Morris Boot® was designed and developed with this in mind and it represents the first offering from Morris Technologies LLC.

The "Boot" provides a superior enclosure for ice and eliminates the mess associated with icing while enabling portability and mobility. Because of these characteristics, The Morris Boot® can be used in most any setting; a coach’s meeting, the athletic training room, the team bus, a work desk or simply sitting on the couch. It is re-usable, compact, self-administered and great for home use. It can act as a cover for shoes and equipment; and hold light-weight items in its pockets. No more connections to hoses or wires; no more tying up of staff and space. The "Boot" is useful for all walks of life, and is especially designed for athletes. It's a walking boot.

Besides those primary benefits, The "Boot" is re-usable, compact, light-weight, clear and durable – all qualities that are appreciated by athletic trainers, physicians, athletes, and sports care professionals; nurses, workers and at home, too. And coaches love it! The company is ready to help athletes of every level with The Morris Boot® (U.S. Patent No. 7,704,273).

Three separate chambers allow the user to ice the entire leg and stay dry at the same time.

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